Saturday, August 25, 2012

Have a Baby Shower coming up? I can help!

Are you looking for a oooo, aawww, baby shower gift that will just blow the mom to be and guests out of the water? Well I can help you!   I make Baby Diaper Cakes and other items for Baby showers!  I know what your thinking, I can't afford one of those!  Yes you can!  Hey, I'm all about helping you save money aren't I? That's why I started this blog. So, here is how it goes, I have a starting price on my Diaper Cakes (for those of you that do not know what a diaper cake is, they are shaped like a cake but made COMPLETELY out of diapers...non edible) Then YOU get to customize what "Ingredients" you want into the cake. Example, lotion, baby powder, bottles, clippers, diaper rash ointment, ect. I also make small items that can be added to the cake or just as a little favor for the mom as an add on gift to what you may have already purchased. Go check out my facebook page,here it is called Diaper Cakes By Connie and you will see some of the creations I have made.  ALSO....starting September 11, I will be having a contest and giving something away, so be sure to check out my page and like it so you can get in on the contest!  The more people we have, the more fun it will be, so be sure to tell your friends! Thank you!

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