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Coupon matchups for Strack and VanTil starting April 7-13 and Tysens April 4-10

Hi all,

I had some time today to do some matchups for the upcoming week and I thought I would like to talk about something that was asked of me today from my ex-sister-in-law(Still my family, J ) and I’m sure it’s a question that everybody has since the Extreme couponing show has aired on TLC and ready to air again soon. (There is a lady on that was chosen to be on that show that is coming up and the moderator of is the man who was on the last airing and we be on again this next one.) She asked me “HOW IN THE WORLD DO THEY DO IT?”

That show gets regular couponers so frustrated when they see those people saving all that money but the thing to remember is the reason we use coupons, it is to save money and any money saved is a WONDERFUL thing. Remember, it helps if you live in an area that has a GREAT grocery store that doubles or even has great sales.  We are lucky enough to have several stores in the area that have great sales but unfortunately they do not double unless you want to drive 30 miles or so to Wiseway, but is it really worth it by the time you spend the money in gas to get there? Of course if you work that way, or up that way, it might pay you to stop in and give them a shot, but I try not to drive to far for the deals because if I’m going to get 3 free things from Target but pay $15.00 in gas to get there, are they really FREE?  Just something to ponder. 

In the matchups I will show you that it is possible to get FREE items at your local store if you watch the ads, keep your coupons and keep track of when the lowest possible deal is going to come around.

OK, enough chatter…on with the SAVINGS!!

Strack and VanTil

Fast Fixins Bagged Meat items 2/10 or $5.00 each

Coupon from All You Magazine- 1.00

After Q-4.00/1

Pop Tarts- 3/$5 or 1.50 each

Coupon from paper (Exp 4-3)-$1.00 off 2 Total= $2.00

Coupon from Pop Tarts Box- 1.50/3 Total= $3.50 for 3 boxes

M & M’s Easter candy- 2/$5.00

Coupon-$2.00/2 = 2/$3.00 after Q

Vlasic Pickles- 2/5 or $2.50/1

Coupon- $1.00 off 1 VLASIC  pickles or HEllMANNS 30oz Real Mayonnaise (Exp 6-30-11)

Total after Q- $1.50

Welches Healthy Start Juice- $2.99

Coupon- $1.00/1 Total after coupon- $1.99

BOGO Louis Kemp Imitation Crab and Lobster Delights-$2.99

No Coupon but if you email Louis Kemp, they will send you coupons ;)but still a good deal because your getting one free, coupons just sweeten the deal.

Dannon Yogurt Fruit on the bottom or light and fit= .39 when you buy 10 with IN AD coupon and if you have a Manufactures Q for this you can stack it with store Q.


Coupon from Sunday paper 3/27- .35 Total- .64 after coupon

No coupon deals

Strawberries- 2/$3

Arm and Hammer 50oz-$1.99 if you have a coupon this is a better deal

Home Pride Bread- .99 each

Tysens Grocery Deals

Wishbone Dressing- $1.99

Coupon- .75 from paper

After Q- 1.24

No Yolks Noodles- 3/$5 or $1.50 Each

Coupon- 1.00/1 out of paper= .50 after coupon

Kelloggs Cereal-Frosted Flakes, Mini Wheats, Special K, Frosted Bite size Mini Wheats, Rasin Bran- 2/$6.00 or $3.00 each

This is where it gets good and you get a FREE box of cereal!

Use 1 coupon for Special K here that is the save $2.00 when you purchase 3

Use another coupon for the Corn Flakes here that is $1.00 off when you buy 2 corn flakes

Use another coupon for the Frosted Flakes here that is $1.00 off 1

The deal can go like this:

Buy 3 Special K’s=$9.00 coupon- $2.00/3=$7.00

Buy 2 Corn Flakes and 1 Frosted Flakes- use one coupon for each and save $2.00 paying- $7.00

Or if you have been printing coupons like I told you to, you should have a coupon from last month for a $1.00 off 3 packages of Kelloggs(ex.4/28/11)

You could use $1.00 off 3-Frosted Flakes Coupon for $1.00-Corn Flakes coupon $1.00/2 and save $3.00 total= that is getting 1 box of Cereal for FREE! 1 coupon for each box of cereal, which is how you get FREE Cereal!

Yoplait Yogurt-10/$5.00 or .50 each

Use .40/6= buy 6 and pay .10 for one of them- not the best deal but it works- if you buy more with more coupons, then you get some free! Like I have 3 coupons- I would purchase 18 yogurt and get 2 FREE but to me, I have seen better deals

Minute Maid OJ-2/$6

If you were one of the lucky ones like me to get the $1.00 Q from Minute Maid on Facebook, now is a good time to use it. I have 2 so I will pay $4.00 for OJ

Krunchers Potato chips- 2/$5.00 or $2.50 each

Coupon for $1.00= 1.50 for chips

Hamburger Helper-10/$10

Banquet Value Meals- 12/$10

Pillsbury Cake Mix-10/$10

So folks, that’s how it goes. I hope this helps you out a bit. At the first of the month, the printable coupons reset, so if you don’t have your for the month yet, visit and get them printed and you’ll be set. Thanks for reading!

Happy couponing!

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