Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gas prices soar, how to save money at the tank

Gas prices keep going up and up and there is nothing we can do, right? WRONG!  We can't make the gas prices go down but we can be smarter at the pump and be able to get more mileage for our buck.

  • One thing that everybody should know, is the faster you go, the more money you burn. Gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 MPH.

  • Keep tires inflated, this saves about 6%

  • Keep car maintained properly can save you 7%

  • Fill up on Monday or Tuesday, earlier in the week because gas stations get thier reports on Wednesday and that is usually when gas prices take a hike up.

  • When at the pump, there are 3 different speeds on the handle. Slow, medium and fast.  Always pump on the slow speed. The faster you pump the gas into the tank, the more the fumes are going right back into a researve and you are not actually getting a gallon of gas, even though it says you are.

  • Fill up in early morning hours when the gas underground is still more dense and cold.  If you fill up later in the day when it is warmer, you are actually not getting the proper amount of gas per gallon.

  • Fill up your car when it hits 1/2 tank.  The more room in your tank gives gas fumes a chance to escape and your loosing your gas even faster.

  • Do not let the car idle when waiting for someone. Turn the car off then back on when your ready to go, it takes lets gas to restart the car than it does to let it idle.

  • Have lots of errands to run? Group your errands together, to save time and gas.

  • Check out to see the cheapest gas stations in the area, remember the smaller mom and pop gas stations are always cheaper.

  • Take advantage of those Perk cards from Speedway and Family Express. Those can save you money off your per gallon.
  • Keep the trunk clear of heavy items because the more that is in your trunk, the more weight you have and the harder your car has to work which in turn, burns more gas.

I know some of these you probably have heard already but i thought they would be worth mentioning again, just to jog the brain. I hope I have helped you learn how to save money at the tank. If we just follow these tips, we will be able to stretch our paychecks a little further at the pumps. 

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Happy saving!

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