Sunday, April 10, 2011

Online ways to save money

As gas prices seem to sky rocket, there are more and more people shopping online. There are so many ways to shop online and be able to save money at the same time using coupon codes. On most sites that you shop on, there is a place for a code to be able to get a discount on the product your purchasing or even free shipping.  There are several sites you can use to do this but my favorite site is .

All you need to do is visit the site and type in what retailer you are going to shop from...say you want to buy something from Old type in Old Navy and the coupon codes come up that are available. Then all you do is copy and paste the code into the checkout and BAM...your discount is applies right away. also allows you to put in codes that you may have for a certain site and when someone uses that code, then you will earn 2% of the coupon sales!  Nice way to earn extra spending money! 

The thing I most like about, is when you sign up, they will send e-mails to you to let you know when a new coupon code has came up for your favorite online retailer. That shows they really care about saving you money!

With all the ways to shop online and save money, why not?  Give it a shot and save your gas for when you really need it.

 Happy couponing!

Couponer inTraining!

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