Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you think your getting a deal at the Dollar Store, think again!

Hey all,

Think your getting great deals shopping at the dollar store? Think again. On some items like party supplies and cards and holiday decorations, they are cheaper but not nessessarily on health and beauty, vitamins, cleaning items or food. Interesting huh? go here to check out the full article.
Hubby, DD, and I all went to Walmart the other night and was checking prices on some items, comparing them to CVS and Walgreens deals and guess who came out in front?  If you guessed Walgreens and CVS you are right!  Good for me cause I'm not a Walmart fan and since the closest one to me is about 30 minutes away, I'll just stick to my CVS and Wags!!! Gotta love it!

By the way did you get your coupon on facebook for Minute Maid OJ?  If not go there now and like them then all the way to the left you'll see MMOJO, click on that and you can print your coupon!  I got mine just in time, hubby came home sick and is desperate need for some MMOJ!!

Happy couponing!

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