Sunday, March 20, 2011

Overwelmed about starting to coupon?

Hi readers,

I just recieved a comment from a reader stating she wants to learn to coupon but feels that it is to overwelming to start.  Well, let me give you a few hints to help you.
-Start slow
-Pick up a Sunday paper  and look through the coupons. Clip out only coupons you are interested in. Think about it, if you just use a few of the coupons in there you've paid for your paper.
-Watch the sales papers or check out your favorite stores online and look at there ads.
-See what those stores have that match your coupons and there you are. You have started saving money already.

The best advice is to start slow and you will see a savings fast. As time goes on and you see yourself saving more money then you will want to find more coupons and you'll be saving more and more.

Couponing is like a drug, once you start its hard to stop.(But its a good drug!) I've learned that I no longer want to pay full price for something. If I know I'm going shopping then I will look on a website to see if they offer a coupon. Take for example, I needed to pick up some things for a wedding cake I am making so I knew I'd be going to Michaels to get that stuff, I went to and found a coupon for 40% off 1 item. Every little bit helps.

I shop alot at Thrift stores for gently used clothes and home assesories and do alot of my shopping for things on as well. A great thrift store in Northwest Indiana is in Merrillvile called Unique. On Mondays and Thursday mornings they offer 50% off everything!

I also signed up with swagbucks and you earn points for surfing the web and those points you can redem for Amazon gift cards. Here is the link for that.

Another place to find coupons is , these you can print out from your home computer.

A mistake that many couponers make is wanting to  use the coupon as soon as it comes out. They don't want to wait for the sales.  To maximize your savings, WAIT.  Many things will go on sale almost when the coupon is about to expire, so watch your ads.

For the readers that are close to Strack and Van Tils, I will be posting coupon matchups and that will help you get an idea of what you will be saving and spending on certain items.

I will alos be starting to post coupon matchups for CVS and Walgreens as well. So be on the look out for those comming very soon.

So to sum it all up, start slow, watch your ads and watch your paychecks stretch so far that BenFranklin will be yelling!. ;)

Good luck and happy couponing!

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